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Bio: Jerome LaMont Rollins lives in Upper Marlboro, Md., a family man, married to Patricia (Goldie) with two children Dartaynian Rollins and Chaka Dorcean. He is the proud grandfather (poppie) to three adorable grands, Little Dart Rollins, Cooper and River Dorcean, who are the love of his life. Jerome is much like any other man who tries to live a good life, serve his family and help others where he can. He truly has grown to be a “Man of God” through the teaching and leadership of Reverend Lee P. Washington (Reid Temple AME), who's vision and inspiration lead to the first “Today's Encouraging Words” book in November 2008, which was freely given away as a gift. Through Pastor Washington's teaching, Jerome's passion to understand the Bible continues to inspire him to put his God given thoughts into a daily devotional. My Personal Testimony... “Today's Encouraging Words” are a result of overcoming a devastating life circumstance. I built a successful life, tried to be a good man, had a good job, was making good money, pursued worldly things, lived life in the fast lane and as I pleased, so I thought. Then in the blink of an eye, God took everything away! The big house, the fancy cars, the money, the desire to pursue worldly things and living life as I pleased. It all changed. God didn't change my family and he didn't change my desire to live. He changed my mindset and revealed himself to me. He showed me that I was not doing this all on my own and gave me a yearning to develop a closer relationship with Him. This lead to my sitting down every morning for the next year and actually reading the bible like anyone else would read a novel. I could work on cars, tear computers apart, put them back together, and I could read and understand complicated technical manuals, but I never sat down and read the bible from beginning to end. Sure I knew all the popular stories (just like anyone else who has been raised in a christian family) but I never had a true understanding of what God wanted me to understand. As I began to read his word, did I get that understanding I was looking for? "No, not really”, I didn't fully understand all I read, however what God wanted me to understand came through clearly. Then God spoke to me and said I should share with others how good He is. I being much like Noah rejected God's calling and came up with numerous excuses as to why I couldn't possibly do what He was asking of me. Excuses such as, "I didn't understand half the stuff I read, so how could I possibly share this with anyone else." God assured me that I had what I needed to start a daily devotion called “Today's Encouraging Words." After numerous nudges from the holy spirit, I finally gave in, started writing “Today's Encouraging Words” and began distributing my writing to a small group of people (8-9) via the internet. To my surprise the group began to grow and to date “Today's Encouraging Words” now reaches thousands of people all around the world everyday. Over the past ten years I have dedicated my mornings to sitting down with God's word, meditating and putting what God gives me for that day into a daily devotion. The result has been a wonderful collection of God inspired words of encouragement bonded with scripture, which tries to address some of the things we all go through in life, not categorically, but as God gives to me to share and encourage someone else. My only prayer is that these God inspired devotions will touch at least one person each day. And as people are led by the Holy Spirit to read "Today's Encouraging Words”, I pray that they are truly encouraged by the words God gives me each day, beyond just mere words, and that it strengthens their relationship and walk with Him, just as it has done mine! In order to maximize the understanding and revelation for your life, “Today's Encouraging Words” should be read with bible, pen and journal handy, preferably in a quiet place. Pray, read the scripture for the day (a chapter before and after if you have time) and the devotional. Listen for what you believe God is speaking to you in that moment and pen it in your journal. Read it, study it, love it, grow from it! What encouragement is God speaking into your life today? I dedicate these writings to my loving circle of family and friends!

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  1. Very well put my Big Brother! I am so Blessed to be able to say that every word of that is so true! I watched God at His Best and what He does Best! With a open heart He will bring you to Him if your willing! I love You more than words can explain, continue to walk in His way!

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