Today’s Encouraging Words eBook (Twelve Days before Christmas)

Today’s Encouraging Words (Twelve Days before Christmas) Holiday Edition consist of a 12 daily devotions leading up to the day of Christmas. Meant to inspire and encourage the true spirit and real meaning of Christmas. Each devotional includes a Christmas revelation, Bible verses and a thought for the day.

Every year, we say we’re going to cut back and have a Christmas that focuses on the real reason to celebrate the season. But every year, family members give you their gift wishes and manufactures advertisements cloud the airwaves. In addition we overspend, overeat, and over react to the holiday spirit, which robs us of our peace and joy to celebrate Jesus in his rightful role as the center of our joy and the real reason to celebrate the season.

I pray that this special holiday edition of “Today’s Encouraging Words” e Book inspires your entire family to develop a closer relationship with God, just as it has done in my family.

Share with your friends and family… great holiday gift idea!

Pick up your copy here…


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